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Wisconsin Activists Speak Out on Events in Nicaragua

As citizens with strong and historic ties to the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua and the many different sister city programs throughout Wisconsin, we are speaking out to express our concern about the violence against the people of Nicaragua being carried out by the government of Daniel Ortega.

Barrios inseguros

Las calles de Alamar son cada vez más peligrosas. La oscuridad encubre cualquier fechoría. Hace unos meses me bajé de la 400, era medianoche y atravesaba la Plaza de África cuando un muchacho haló bruscamente la mochila que llevaba en mis hombros, poco faltó para que me tumbara.

?We Are the Face of Civic Struggle? in Nicaragua

One of the central questions of the debate was: How are we going to reach a democratic Nicaragua? For economist and business specialist Salvador Amador, when the possibility of elections approaches, "the first thing that must be guaranteed is the strengthening of the institutional framework, the reconstruction of the rule of law and returning to people their right to choose."

?Poisoned? Apples: A Scam Made in Cuba

The seven employees at the La Puntilla shopping mall (in the Cuban capital) involved in the Apple affair, were summarily let go from their respective jobs and some will go to trial, accused of a crime that has yet to become public knowledge.

What Comes after the Balloons in the Civic Struggle?

The civic struggle that began on April 18th against the regime of Daniel Ortega continues, but now it is done through alternative and creative ways to protest, such as the barrage of balloons. This was confirmed by panelists during the online discussion ?What comes after the balloons??, organized by the Free Country and Live Movement.

Small Entreprenuer Returns Tram to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Pulled along by horses and later powered by electricity, trams circulated in Cuba until the early 1950s. Approximately 65 years later, a ?self-employed? worker from the south-central city of Cienfuegos has ?rescued? this form of transport from oblivion. Although his tram is very unique.

Contemporary Urban Poetry

Of everything that has been heard thus far in Cuba in terms of music, ?Trap? is the genre whose lyrics expose the grossest of human thought.

Sexual Violence under the Ortega Regime

A month had passed since April 18 when the protests began, and we found ourselves thinking about what might happen if they arrested us. We?d never thought before about losing our freedom, much less that it could happen for exercising our right to inform.

Nicaraguans in the USA to Give Ortega a ?Fabulous? Welcome

The Nicaraguan community based in the USA is preparing to protest against the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who is expected to attend the UN General Assembly on Wednesday in New York. The organizers expect to receive delegations from New Jersey, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, the Carolinas, Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut and three Canadian cities.

Cuban Artists against Law 349 Sign New Manifesto

Aside from being a new project, writing up the ?San Isidro Manifesto? against Law 349 has allowed us to see ourselves as a movement. It has given us a space to discuss our interests, and to establish a consensus about our aesthetic and political stance.

Gascon and the World of Naif Temptations

The "Espacio Abierto" Gallery is putting on a painting exhibition called ?Las tentaciones del ingenio? (Naif temptations). The show is of the works of painter and teacher Jose Clemente Gascon Martinez. (17 photos)

Manipulation of Family Visits to Political Prisoners Denounced

?The Government of Nicaragua guarantees that terrorists receive visits of family members, who also bring them essential products,? were the headlines in official media outlets on Wednesday. However, relatives of the prisoners regretted the ?manipulation? by the government.

Nicaragua?s Tourism Industry Remains Crippled by Insecurity

According to Valenti, the key to this sector?s recovery lies in international tourism returning to the country, which will only happen if a safe environment is restored. ?The tourism industry is all about confidence, a tourist will only go where they feel safe and confident.?

A TV Interview with Cuban President Diaz-Canel

Flicking through the unattractive options on our TV channels on Tuesday September 18th, I stumbled across an interview with Cuban President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel. He showed he knows by heart, down to the T, every argument that is used to justify the Communist Party?s super structural power.

Deciding to Stay in Cuba

I don?t believe there is a single person in Cuba who hasn?t experienced a relative or friend leave in search of a better future abroad. I believe some of them are never able to forget that feeling: bearing witness to somebody change their life radically while they remain behind, paralyzed, trapped in a country with a suffocating reality and no prospects of improving whatsoever.

Nicaragua: Five Months of Civic Rebellion in Five Cartoons

Since the civic rebellion began, thousands of Nicaraguans have participated in countless marches. Many of these protesters have been beaten, tortured, jailed and even condemned to long prison terms by the Ortega regime. During these same five months, cartoonist Pedro X. Molina has been documenting the tragedy through his cartoons.

Should Cubans be Forced to Work?

Highlighting this ?idle? sector as one of the reasons why the country doesn?t make progress forms part of the government?s discourse, inverting cause and effect as a result. They say that this ?ulcer? (which is what they call it) is one of the reasons the Cuban system is inefficient..

A Children?s Beach in Cojimar, Havana

Cojimar residents are working with a great deal of dedication to rescue a small beach located in a place known as Bajo del Claro de Luna which belonged to an old club which is now in ruins. (21 photos)

Nicaragua and the Trap of a Civil War

Daniel Ortega wants a civil war. Of all the possible scenarios to put an end to the tragedy that Nicaragua lives, it is the only one that can assure his permanence in power. In all the others, his leaving is certain. But now is the first time that one side is not willing to take up arms.

Violence against Women in Cuba, It Is My Business

It?s a visible problem, although official Cuban media doesn?t tackle the subject in as much depth as it should. Some people have a warped vision about this kind of violence and believe that it only exists if there is physical aggression. However, violence against women takes many forms.

Interview with a Gay Cuban Jehovah?s Witness

Alfredo Nunez Elias was born with a congenital malformation which resulted in him losing a leg when he was 33 years old. This hasn?t prevented him from becoming a hairdresser and stylist, the creator of a hair-straightening product, a fashion designer and pastry chef.

Republican Bob Corker Pays a Visit to Havana

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez met in Havana Wednesday with Bob Corker, president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate, visiting the island, reported dpa news. The senator is not seeking reelection in the November US Congressional elections.

Havana Weather for September 20-26

The days will begin with little cloudiness in Havana. In the afternoons there will be a slight increase in the probability of isolated showers, which may be more intense towards the south of the capital. The high temperatures will be between 31 and 32° C (88 and 90 F), while the lows will be around 23° C (73 F).

Nicaragua?s Civic Alliance Announces More Actions

Five months after the protests against the Government of Nicaragua began, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy announced in a statement that it will continue with the peaceful struggle throughout the country as well as work to include more sectors of society in the effort to bring about the end of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

Harm by US Blockade on Cuba is Real, Not an Excuse

During his visit to Cuba, Barack Obama publicly stated that the US embargo (blockade) was a failed policy that hadn?t managed to achieve its objectives and only caused suffering and shortages for the Cuban people. ?I?m sure that Congress will inevitably lift an embargo which should no longer be there,? the then US president said.

Nicaraguan Neurosurgeon Reveals Torture Cases He?s Attended

Neurosurgeon Josmar Briones fully grasped the level of brutality unleashed by Daniel Ortega?s regime in Nicaragua when he received in his clinic two young demonstrators who had been raped with AK-47 rifles by paramilitaries.

Cuba: Etecsa Scams and Unprotected Customers

When it comes to any overly expensive service, you can only hope for two things: quality and security. However, there is no doubt Cuba's telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA, has managed to provide its customers with the worst service possible, with incredible efficiency. A slow and unsecure connection.

What Ortega Has in Common with Other Dictators?

The history of dictators repeats itself. They repress and terrorize their population when they should protect and respect them, while at the same time hiding the terrible truth. And, as if that were not enough, they blame the victims themselves.

Bianca Jagger Asks Washington to Cut Funding for Daniel Ortega

Human Rights activist Bianca Jagger has been in Washington since Monday, where she is holding meetings with representatives of international organizations such as the OAS and the US government in search of greater pressure on the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

A Cuban Farm Co-op Member and Her Quest for Answers

Esmeralda Rojas Soto, 65, belongs to a cooperative in the Artemisa Municipality. She has been rearing cattle for 40 years now and she sells them to the National Meat Company. Like many other farmers, she has experienced discrepancies with the manager of the slaughterhouse when it comes to the weight of her cattle.

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega?s Version of Events

In late August and early September, Daniel Ortega embarked on an unprecedented round of interviews with the international media. In these interviews, he repeats a number of false statements about the repression his regime has spearheaded since the national revolt began in April. He reiterates his denials of any repression, despite documented evidence...

Nicaragua: From Hope to Tragedy

Today, the FSLN of Ortega and his government, are a shame. They dishonor Sandino?s memory. The turn to the right, nepotism, corruption and, now, the mass murders of defenseless citizens, have erased with one act the reference point that the Latin American left had in Sandinismo.

Currency Unification in Today?s Cuba

The Cuban people?s longing for a single currency became surprisingly apparent during the debates being held about constitutional reform, when opinions were made public, calling for an article that endorses the Cuban Peso as the country?s single currency. Joaquin Pujol talks about what he classifies as ?the most commented and long-awaited economic decision in Cuban history.?

Cuban Gov. Lambasts Almagro?s Open Door to Military Intervention in Venezuela

The Cuban government said today that the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, crossed "the red line" by stating that a military intervention against the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro is not ruled out.

Shock Therapy in Cuba

?A country?s achievements shouldn?t be defined by how many hotels are being built, but by the quality of a meal,? I heard a man say in line at the bakery. (He was referring to statistics that official media publish everywhere, which are so optimistic, biased, cynical).

On the Three Days of ?Free Internet in Cuba?

Cuba?s state-controlled telecommunications monopoly, Etecsa, asked for people to comment about their third mobile Internet trial, which involved free surfing using a 100Mb data package which was to be used in 72 hours. I wanted to find out what people?s general opinion was, so I read many of the 1048 comments that had been published...

Nicaragua?s Female Political Prisoners Suffer Inhumane Conditions

At the ?La Esperanza? (Hope) prison in Tipitapa, 17 women are illegally detained. For them there is no sun light, nor phone calls from their relatives. They receive no medical attention and are considered by the prison wardens as ?highly dangerous criminals.? The crime committed by these women was to protest against the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Cuban Gov. Sees Worsening Relations with the United States

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Sunday that his country's relations with the United States are in retreat and asked President Donald Trump for a respectful dialogue. The Cuban president is preparing to travel to New York for the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly.

The ?Empty? Response I Received from the District Attorney?s Office

On Tuesday, I received the ?response? to the complaint I filed because of arbitrary arrests, the confiscation of my working materials and restrictions on my right to move freely to being ?monitored? or State Security banning me from traveling abroad.

Debate on the Law in Cuba that Makes Independent Art a Crime

Several articles have been written about decree-law 349, both in favor and against. Today, I want to talk about an article which was written by Luis Dascal and published on the La Jiribilla website, which openly attacks the Cuban Artists? Campaign against the law that takes effect in December.

Legal Challenge Filed against Nicaragua?s New ?Terrorism? Law

Last July, the National Assembly approved the so-called ?Law against money laundering, financing terrorism, and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.? The law imposes sentences of 15-20 years in jail to those persons categorized as terrorists by the regime in power.

What the Ortega Regime Says about Its Own Crimes

"Ortega has lost the capacity to manage political power and administer order and stability in a unilateral manner. The business community is not willing to configure a new institutional arrangement such as the so-called 'dialogue and consensus model,' [that existed before April 18th]."

The Way We Drink Coffee in Cuba

It?s no wonder that even with foreign products which people love so much outside of Cuba (which come to the island from time to time after the dollar economy took off), Cubans continue to prefer dark, concentrated, strong coffee. Not decaffeinated, not Nescafe, not a Cappuccino... that?s for tourists and an Americano is considered flavorless water in Cuba, for US citizens...

Amaya, Don?t Let Them Torture You

My dear Amaya Eva Coppens, seeing you snatched up as a supposed criminal by those hooded men hurts me deeply, but your face in the photos is a comfort to those of us who know and love you.

US Congressional Progressive Caucus Condemns Ortega?s Repression in Nicaragua

The Progressive Caucus of the United States Congress condemned the violence and human rights violations in Nicaragua, which has caused more than 400 deaths as a result of the repression of the regime of Daniel Ortega. "We cannot remain silent."

Change and paralysis

A friend of mine who has been living in the United States for years now, laughs and tells me that I live in a static country, that nothing changes here, and that if it does, it only changes ever so slightly because there is a paralysis that prevails, setting us in stone, resigned.

Thousands of Balloons Launched in Protest against Ortega in Nicaragua

Thousands of blue and white balloons, colors of the national flag, appeared today in the streets of different cities and towns of the country as a new form of citizen resistance against the Government of Daniel Ortega, in coincidence with the patriotic independence celebrations.

Memes Go Viral with Cuba?s Recent Internet Trial Runs

On Monday September 10th, coinciding with the last day of the third free Internet access trial using mobile data in Cuba, characters on the most popular comedy program on national TV, Vivir del cuento, arrived on set somewhere else with their cellphones in hand, ?looking for a signal.?

International Pressure on Ortega May Increase if He Refuses to Negotiate

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved its third resolution on Wednesday condemning the violence of the Daniel Ortega?s regime and urging the government to return to the national dialogue. The new resolution opens the door to bilateral sanctions by the international community, agreed former diplomats.

Cuba in these Days of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

If the current atmospheric conditions persist - a layer of dry air and changing wind in the height - Isaac will weaken, becoming a tropical depression, and turning his course towards the south, without representing danger for Cuba. However that path is still uncertain.