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Keeping your Phone Topped-Up another Priority

I?ve only had a cellphone for a few months now and it was a matter of extreme urgency, to tell you the truth, because I always knew that I wouldn?t be able to afford having this device (which is crucial in this digital age and media) with my low wages.

Ortega Cancels Trip to Summit in Guatemala, Avoids Embarrassment

Nicaragua?s embattled president Daniel Ortega was scheduled to arrive Thursday for the two-day Ibero-American Summit in Antigua, Guatemala. At first, he postponed the trip for Friday, but then it was announced this afternoon that he will cancel altogether.

Seeking Asylum at the US-Mexican Border

Nogales is a bustling Mexican city on the US border 70 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. For US tourists, it is known as a place for crossing the border to find inexpensive dentists and half-price medications. But for asylum seekers arriving at this Mexican town from the south there is a different story ? one of hope, heartbreak and compassion. (21 photos)

Nicaragua?s Banks and the Real Estate Bubble

Ravel?s Bolero is a unique piece of music, especially since once you hear it, it?s enough for a lifetime. This piece begins with a soft melody and increases its tone until it becomes an unbearable noise. So have decisions been made in Nicaragua?s financial crisis. The bankers were rising the tone with each decision, responding to the consequences provoked by the human rights conflict.

Nicaraguans Abroad Condemn Regime Violence and Call for Early Elections

Dozens of Nicaraguan organizations and groups abroad gathered in Washington over the weekend declaring themselves in favor of advanced general elections, at the latest by mid-2019, to resolve the crisis that the country has experienced for nearly seven months.

Havana Weather for November 15-21

For this forecast week the days will be cool, with isolated showers on Thursday associated with the proximity of a cold front. The winds will be from the north and northeast, with speeds between 15 and 30 km/h. The high temperatures will range between 25 and 28° C (77 and 82 F), while the lows will be between 20 and 23° C (68 and 73 F).

Havana?s Cayo Hueso Neighborhood

Two things make Cayo Hueso a central point in Havana: First of all, people say it?s location is what makes it the oldest neighborhood in Central Havana. Secondly, it embodies the Havana spirit. Officially declared a neighborhood in 1912, it owes its creation to the presence of a large number of Cuban tobacco farmers who returned from exile in Tampa and Key West. (21 photos)

Special ?Welcome? Planned for Daniel Ortega Thursday in Guatemala

Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, is scheduled to arrive in Guatemala tomorrow to attend the XXVI Ibero-American Summit in Antigua on Thursday and Friday, where protests have been announced against him and diplomatic tensions could arise from his international repudiation.

US Punishes 16 More Cuban Hotels Owned by the Military

The Government of Donald Trump today expanded the list of sanctioned Cuban entities with which all US citizens are prohibited from doing business with. Among them there are 16 hotels owned by the Cuban Army. The prohibition takes effect on Thursday

Police Presence in Managua Shopping Centers Rejected

The Managua shopping center Galerias Santo Domingo explained in a statement that ?it has not requested a police presence? in its facilities after the extensive police deployment in this mall last weekend caused ?concern and fear to its visitors, tenants and employees.?

Nicaragua Now Under Undeclared State of Siege

Under the orders of president Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan police revealed today that they will mobilize 15,000 officers in a "special security plan" and warned that they will not "ask anyone's permission" to enter shopping centers that have been the scene of opposition protests.

Ortega & Murillo Denounced at the International Criminal Court

The serious human rights violations committed by the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against the people of Nicaragua were denounced before the International Criminal Court of the Hague, by American Fraternity, a group of Nicaraguans based in the United States.

Cuba?s Reputation on the Rise Worldwide

Cuba is a small archipelago in the Caribbean, which the world hardly spoke of before 1959. It was one of the poorest, most underdeveloped, illiterate and unhealthy countries in the world, which was only any good for foreign agricultural companies (mostly US) for 60 years, who made great profits at the expense of Cuban peasants? hunger and misery.

Cuba Loses its Lucrative Business Leasing Doctors to Brazil

The Cuban government announced today its withdrawal from the "More Doctors" program in Brazil, alleging that president-elect Jair Bolsonaro wants to change the conditions and directly hire doctors without the intermediation of the Cuban state. No date was given as to when the pull-out will occur.

?Celebrating? a Year of Harassment

On November 10th, it had been a whole year since the appalling experience I was forced to have, which not only attacked me directly but also freedom of speech in Cuba, adding one more page to an already ample file of violations against citizens.

The ?Ridiculous? Speech of Daniel Ortega is Rejected

The regime of Daniel Ortega accused non-governmental organizations in the United States and the European Union of being accomplices in the ?crimes? that took place in the context of protests against the government, which broke out in mid-April, leaving more than 300 dead.

Nicaragua: Ortega Police Kidnap Elsa Valle & Her Sister for Trying to See Their Father

In a new show of the government proclaimed ?normality? of peace, love and reconciliation in Nicaragua, Elsa Valle, 19 and her 17-year-old sister Rebecca, were kidnapped this morning by the Ortega police when they were on the outside of a Managua Court complex.

Land Takeovers Further Muddy the Panorama in Troubled Nicaragua

The assault on private property extends across eight departments in the country. According to complaints received by the Nicaraguan Union of Agricultural Producers (UPANIC), more than 5,000 hectares of rural and urban lands are currently in the hands of armed groups that have seized them with the government's consent.

Being Taken for Fools

A few days ago, I was reading Havana Times when I came across an article on the home page that mentioned an episode of TV comedy show ?Vivir del cuento? (Living by one's wits). Even though I normally keep well away from Cuban TV, I had heard some good comments about that episode in particular, starring the popular Panfilo.

Bowling at Gitmo, Lanes Paved in Marble

The US government continues to pour money into the US Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba even as the federal deficit threatens to hit $1 trillion in 2019. A drop of the money - $174.89 million- has gone to Islands Mechanical Contractor Inc. in Middleburg, Florida, from 2008 to 2018. See interactive graphic.

Massive Violations of Press Freedom Reported in Nicaragua

At least 420 violations of press freedom were registered in Nicaragua in the first six months of the socio-political crisis unleashed by the repression of citizen protests against the government of Daniel Ortega, informed the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation.

Cuban President Ends His International Tour

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel concluded an international tour in Laos over the weekend that also included Russia, North Korea, China and Vietnam, at a time when the Island is looking for business partners in the midst of a greater international opening and of the severe crisis that affects its leading trade partner, Venezuela.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from this Cuban?s Perspective

There isn?t anyone in the world that understands the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not even the Talmud?s wisdom and the Quran?s inspiration can shed any light on who is right and who is wrong (that is if we accept that a holy book has ever been able to shed light on anything).

Nicaraguan Riot Squad Member Who Refused to Kill Now Stands Accused of Terrorism

For Julio Cesar Espinoza, dying has never been an option. He?s young, with a wife and three sons, and five years ago he left a job he hated as a machine operator in the free trade zone, to achieve his dream of joining the police force. All was going well for him: he was finishing his high school diploma and next year he was due for a promotion.

Flaws in Cuba?s New Constitution Start in the Preamble

A new draft Constitution is being put forward in Cuba today; and right now, the ordinary Cuban continues to be immersed in their uproar and din on the street corner where they play dominoes, in Brazilian telenovelas and in the same old same old. Many are letting the chance to fully take part in the ?constitutional debate? slip through their fingers...

Nicaraguans in USA Promote ?Blood Diamonds? Campaign

A group of Nicaraguans in the United States began a campaign to demand US investment firms to stop administering the Nicaraguan Army´s pension fund, which they say ?provided war weapons to irregular armed forces and, in many cases, have joined these irregular forces in killing civilians.?

JetBlue Opens Non-Stop Flight from Boston to Havana

The US airline JetBlue inaugurated its new weekly route Saturday from Boston to Havana, reported dpa news. At 16:10, the 125-passenger plane from the Logan International Airport in Boston landed on the runway of the Jose Marti International Airport in the Cuban capital.

Luck is Crazy, and Anyone can be on the Receiving End

In the nearly 30 years after Fidel declared a state of ?Special Period in Peace Time?, we have received aid from many brotherly nations along this difficult journey, especially Venezuela, but not even low oil prices could help us get back up on our feet and not have to depend on foreign powers again...

Three Brothers Jailed for Singing Out against the Ortega Regime

Every time she looks at the photo of her only three sons, crowded into the back of a Police pick-up truck, Juana de la Rosa Lesage Guadamuz begins to cry. She cries because her boys are still prisoners. She cries because she misses them. She cries because she recalls the morning of July 11 when they were taken away.

Nicaraguan diaspora meets to organize leadership against Ortega

The first meeting of Nicaraguan leaders abroad, in which some of those forced into exile because of Ortega?s repression will participate, takes place this weekend in the United States, with the participation of academic and researcher Felix Maradiaga, human rights defender Alvaro Leiva and university leader Lesther Aleman.

Roberto Carcasses Comments on Cuba?s New Draft Constitution

Cuba?s leadership and National Assembly have asked Cubans their opinion about the new Constitution and what they would like it to be. And I have taken it to heart. I never imagined that I would ever have this opportunity in my lifetime, bearing in mind just how many people are born, live and die without this chance.

Political Strongmen and ?Vanguards? Aren?t the Same as Leaders

I?m writing in the name of many people who are grateful for Gioconda Belli?s article ?The struggle that lies before us? that was published in Havana Times on November 5th: It?s a courageous post that touches a sore point in this issue of unity that concerns many of us.

Ortega Government Manipulates Figure on Political Prisoners

Nicaragua?s Permanent Commission of Human Rights (CPDH) estimates the number of political prisoners of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to be over 600, with many accused under fabricated crimes linked to terrorism.

Constitutional Debate on Cuban TV Comedy Show

?I like the debate in the corridors more, where people really say what they are thinking,? Evarista says before the meeting begins, which is being held at the home of Panfilo, the protagonist of the TV show "Vivir del Cuento" (Living by one's wits) on the program broadcast on Monday, November 5th.

Pedro Molina Draws 31 of those Killed by the Ortega Regime

Each day during the month of October, Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro X. Molina drew a portrait of one of the persons who were killed since the protests against the government began in April. He did this as part of the worldwide initiative Inktober created by US illustrator Jake Parker, in which illustrators from all over the world created pen and ink drawings to return to ?the origins of design?.

US Embargo and its Relationship with Democracy in Cuba

Personally-speaking, I oppose the blockade out of principle rather than pragmatism. I feel the same way democratic Governments do who know that basic human rights are being violated which stand in the way of freedom and any trace of democracy, but can?t approve of an embargo that borders on the concept of blockade because of its extraterritorial nature.

Cuba and the Power of a Just Principle

A friend who is leaving asked my husband and I to meet at the National Museum of Fine Art to say goodbye. In front of the entrance, of huge glass windows, what should have been a hug became an unexpected greeting: ?Nobody outside of Havana knows what Law 349...

What a Contradictory Humanity!

Among the US allies who voted in the UN against the blockade, are the 21 countries that in the OAS condemned the Ortega dictatorship and supported our people. The votes in favor of Cuba, was because the blockade violates international law and the votes against the Ortega dictatorship because it violates the human rights of the Nicaraguan people.

Cuba: Small Businesses Hindered by New Regulations

When there?s only just over a month before the Cuban government?s ?package? of new regulations for self-employment come into effect, doubts and uncertainty are still prevalent in a sector that is calling them ?arbitrary measures that have not been approved by anyone who will have to comply by them.?

Havana Weather for November 8-14

The days will be very sunny in the morning and partly cloudy during the afternoons. The probability of rain will be very low throughout the forecast week. The winds will be from the east, with speeds between 10 and 20 km/h. The high temperatures will range between 28 and 30° C (82 and 86 F), and lows between 23 and 24° C (73 and 75 F).

US Midterm Elections, Highlights for Democrats and Republicans

Here are some of the most talked about results in yesterday's midterm elections in the United States, from Democracy Now.

Ortega Judge Finds Psychologist Guilty of Invented Crimes

In another of the ongoing circus trials in the Nicaragua of Daniel Ortega, Sandinista Party judge Carlos Alberto López Cano convicted psychologist Roger Martínez on Tuesday of the crimes of manufacturing, trafficking, possession and use of restricted weapons, restricted substances or devices to the detriment of the State of Nicaragua, reported 100% Noticias.

Ballet and Dance in Cuba

The 26th edition of the Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival in Havana took place from October 28th until November 6th, a biennial event that gathers a large number of companies and the world?s best principal dancers of this classical dance.

Katia Cardenal asks Nicaraguan Police to do some ?Heart-Searching?

Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Katia Cardenal made a public appeal to Nicaraguan Police officers to do some heart-searching, in the midst of the country?s socio-political crisis that has left hundreds of dead since April.

With Sugar Cane in Her Arms

I continue to fight forgetting our past, like the character Gertrudis in the book The Bleeding Wound and defying those who prefer not to remember and if they don?t then it never happened, here is another story: the story of a guajira woman who grew up among sugar cane.

International Designers Reject ?Nicaragua Designs? Event

The Dominican designer Cenia Paredes, owner of the Cenia New York label, declined to participate in the fashion event known as ?Nicaragua Designs?, organized by Camila Ortega, daughter of President Daniel Ortega. Paredes? stated reason was that she ?doesn?t approve of the violence, or of any type or form of government repression anywhere.?

The Art of Living Foundation in Cuba

Andres Oscar Lahera Carbo, a cheery, daring young man who is in love with ?The Art of Living Foundation?, is this group?s coordinator here in Cuba. It came to the Island in 2015 with Francisco Moreno from Argentina. "I learned about Meditation, Reiki, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, " explained Lahera. (18 photos)

?Revolution is Never Lying or Violating Ethical Values??

The Fidelista concept of ?revolution? is very well-known here as it has been widely spread. I especially like some aspects. However, it?s more of a poetic discourse rather than a concept in itself, which is fiction in Cuba?s case because it wasn?t applied, isn?t being applied and there are currently no signs that it will be applied in the future. In this article, I will only refer to one of its claims: ?Revolution is never lying or violating ethical values...?

Ortega Gov. Prevents Access to Prisons and Court Files on 400 Political Prisoners

After almost six months of mission and constant reports of abuse in jail cells, the mechanism of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) has not been able to corroborate the state of physical and psychological health of the inmates, who are accused of alleged crimes of ?coup promoting and terrorism? for participating in civic protests and demanding justice and early elections.

US Studies Invasion of Banana Rats at its Guantanamo, Cuba Base

The US Department of Defense has given US $97,102 to Texas A&M AgriLife Research to study the Cuban hutia at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba. Hutias are called banana rats because their bodily waste resembles little bananas. And the creatures are big ? the size of small dogs. They can grow nearly two feet long and weigh up to 19 pounds.