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No One Visits the Colonel

That was the last day I went to work at the Colonel?s home. After lunch, I spent some time with him on his balcony. There were only buildings as far as the eye could see. It was 1 PM.? Ever since I retired, nobody comes to visit me, the neighborhood has become a disgrace and I feel like I?m living in a jungle,? the Colonel began by saying.

Jandir Rodriguez, Troubadour of Nicaragua?s Civic Rebellion

Jandir Rodriguez, author of the song ?Heroes of April,? has been told that his songs will not change the reality of the country.  But he has always believed that music ?can transform society.? Along with his guitar, he has focused all his musical production to sing to young people killed by repression, to the mothers and to those exiled.

Cuba and DR Work on Caribbean Disaster Response

During 2017 and 2018, the Caribbean islands suffered the devastating impact of two category 5 hurricanes, intense local droughts and severe coastal flooding. These climatic events put disaster risk management tools to the test and made it clear that more efficient programs were desperately needed to reduce risks.

The NED, CIA and Cuban State Security

Recently, the documentary ?Nadie? inspired by poet Rafael Alcides? love and deception for the Cuban Revolution, by Miguel Coyula (which I was also involved in as an actress and producer), was taken off the program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by our Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Remembering Cuba?s  Musical Legends: Carlos Vidal Bolado

One of a few Cuban congueros to emigrate to the US in the ?40s and ?50s, Carlos Vidal Bolado was the first musician to play congas in Latin Jazz, as an original member of Machito and his Afro-Cubans.

Water for All ? World Water Day 2019 (Video)

Water is a precondition for human existence, and for the sustainability of our planet. It is entwined with almost everything human, from climate change and global economy to gender issues and human rights.

Soccer in Venezuela in Times of Extreme Crisis

Sports are not exempt from the crisis engulfing Venezuela with the first soccer players beginning to position themselves in the ongoing political power struggle.

Colombian Teachers Strike over Lack of Resources

Nearly 300,000 Colombian school teachers on Tuesday started a 48-hour strike to demand more funds for public education, leaving 8 million children without classes

Friendly Dog in Varadero, Cuba ? Photo of the Day

Friendly Dog in Varadero, Cuba.  By Stephen Boka. Canada.  Camera: Nikon Coolpix L20

OAS Conditions Role in Nicaragua to Release of Political Prisoners

The letter was sent to the Foreign Ministry on Friday, a day before the violent repression unleashed by the Police against protestors. However, it wasn?t leaked until Monday in the midst of multiple criticism from the international community to the Ortega-Murillo regime for their decision to attack the citizen?s demonstration.

Cuba Hosts Storytelling Event, Interview with Participants from Chile

Manuela Grau and Alfredo Gibert Flores make up the group ?Amig@s (amigaos) por el Cuento?. They visited Cuba for the International ?Cuenta Habana? Storytelling Festival?. They performed at different venues across the capital and in another province in Cuba.

EU Demands Paramilitary be Disarmed in Nicaragua

On Monday, March 18, the European Union demanded of the Nicaraguan authorities that ?all paramilitary groups? be ?urgently disarmed and disbanded.? They also warned: ?only a credible and inclusive dialogue can resolve the country's ongoing political crisis.?

An Endangered Species in Cuba

It has always been said that Cuba is a traveling museum, due to all the cars from the 1950s that still move through our streets. For more than two decades, these relics contributed a part of the urban transportation that responds to the service of private collective taxis.

US Imposes Sanctions on Venezuela?s State-run Gold Mining Co. 

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against Venezuela's state-run gold mining company, known as Minerven, the latest move by Washington to cut off the Venezuelan government's finances, reports dpa on Tuesday.

Cuba: Evolution of the Revolution

As US travel photographers on our first trip to Cuba, we were enamored with the warm spirit of the people and the vivid visual opportunities. On our most recent trip, we wanted to dive deeply into the culture to see through the ?smoke and mirrors?. We wanted to understand what was really going on in Cuban life. (8 photos)

Blondie: Two Concerts in Havana (Video)

Blondie in Havana! That really did come as a surprise for Cuban fans! We thought that it was just another rumor, like many other times there?s been talk about different famous bands coming, but then the national press and social media confirmed it. It really was going to happen!

The Nicaraguan Woman Who Cooks for 30+ Political Prisoners

From October 2018 up to now, Delia Valdivia Blandon, 51, has adopted over 30 children, all of them political prisoners of Daniel Ortega?s regime. With help from other mothers of prisoners, she feeds these 30+ Nicaraguans held in the jails at El Chipote, La Esperanza, and La Modelo.

Indigenous People Block Major Colombian Highway

Colombian indigenous people blocked the Pan-American highway in the west of the country for the ninth day on Monday, accusing the government of not granting them rights they had been promised.

Mural from Cuba ? Photo of the Day

Mural from Cuba.  By Sharon Bourke, Canada.  Camera: Samsung SM A500W

Airbnb Experiences Reveal Havana?s Diversity

With the same success that Airbnb has had with its accommodation services in rental homes, the company has managed to establish its ?Experiences? model on the international market, and in Havana, in just two years? time.

Nicaragua: Female Political Prisoner Warns Ortega Judge

?How much did they pay you for serving the murderers and condemning the innocent?? writes the dentist and merchant Irlanda Jerez from prison to the judge that sentenced her and numerous other protestors to long prison sentences.

Power Cuts Persist in Venezuela, Maduro to Restructure Cabinet

Venezuela was suffering from sporadic power cuts on Monday, while some areas remained without drinking water, despite the government having announced the nearly complete re-establishment of both services. Meanwhile president Maduro asked for the resignation of his entire cabinet.

Shortages in Cuba and Living Off of Hope

Vivir del cuento is perhaps the most popular ?made in Cuba? TV show that my fellow Cubans on the island watch. In one of its most recent episodes, Panfilo (this old man who struggles with Cuba?s shortages today) has found a wallet. Taking a peek, Panfilo is more excited about finding a whole strip of duralgina tablets than a large sum of money in euros. Read why...

Black Market Chemotherapy and Animal Sacrifices in Havana

It?s 9 pm and I am on the street, pacing up and down, holding a dog.  His name will be Percy but neither of us know it yet.  He?s gravely sick with distemper virus and in a comatose state, mucous dripping from his eyes and nose.  I had noticed him in Havana?s most picturesque park where tour guides, horse carts and street dogs jostle for the attention of tourists.  

Brutal Police Repression and Mass Arrests in Nicaragua

The police brutality did not stop hundreds of citizens from waving their blue and white flags and screaming at the top of their lungs: Viva Nicaragua libre! For the first time, since a de facto state of emergency banning marches was imposed five months ago, demonstrators took to the streets of Managua demanding the complete release of the more than 700 political prisoners.

Classroom in Trinidad, Cuba ? Photo of the Day

Classroom in Trinidad, Cuba.  By Jenny Cressman. Canadá.  Camera: Pentax K20.

The General?s Mango Tree

Julio, one of my oldest friends, is neighbors with a general. And, on the other side of his home, in the general?s backyard, there is a mango tree. It leans completely over onto my friend?s house. As a result, most of the mangoes fall into his garden.

Ortega Sent the Police to Lash Out at Citizens

The Ortega Police lashed out on Saturday against opponents and journalists in order to frustrate a march for the release of political prisoners. The day was marked by the brutality of the police and ended in the evening with the release of the people who were abducted, a total of 164 that were greeted by citizens who carried blue and white flags.

Russian and US Officials to Meet in Rome over Venezuela Crisis

Russian and US diplomats are to meet in Rome to discuss the crisis in Venezuela on Tuesday, according to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. It said that the consultations are planned with US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

Nicaragua: The State of Siege Announces the Defeat of the Dictatorship

Last Thursday, under the protest of the student movement, the Civic Alliance rejoined negotiations with the Ortega dictatorship, with the Vatican?s representative as a witness, when the Organization of American States conditioned its participation as international guarantor of the Dialogue under the condition of the release of all the political prisoners.

Ortega?s Police Besiege Local Radio Stations

?Several police patrols, with about 30 riot police arrived to burst in to the radio, they stayed for almost half an hour and destroyed several things that we had in the garden,? denounces Alvaro Montalvan, owner and journalist of Radio Mi Voz.

Partial List of Today?s Detainees in Nicaragua by the Ortega Police

Daniel Ortega's police went "with everything" on Saturday against an attempt at a peaceful demonstration in Managua. From early in the morning, downtown streets and roundabouts were overflowing with riot police with their war rifles. The arrests were massive as citizens arrived for the protest demanding the release of all political prisoners. Here is a partial list

Ortega?s Riot Squad Attacks Protestors and Journalists in Managua, Nicaragua

In an attempt to prevent reporting of the police violence against peaceful protestors, the Ortega riot squads also attacked journalists trying to cover the protest march on Saturday, reports La Prensa. 

Canadian Schooner Grounded in Cuba since January

During their journey, strong winds on January 27, 2018, swept the Canadian boat and its crew towards the Cuban coast. On January 28th, Didier and Vicent woke up and didn?t know where they were, but they guessed that their boat had run aground in front of the Maria la Gorda coastline, in Pinar del Rio. The authorities had already been alerted.

Sunset from Havana?s Capitolio Building ? Photo of the Day

Sunset from Havana?s Capitolio Building.  By Andy Tommasi from Italy.  Camera: Son a7r

Nicaragua March On for Saturday Despite Police Threats

The Blue and White National Unity coalition maintains its call to demonstrate this Saturday afternoon in demand for the "unconditional and absolute" release of the hundreds of citizens jailed for protesting against the government of Daniel Ortega. On Friday, the National Police denied permission for the march and stepped up its presence in the center of the capital.  

Nicaragua: Civic Alliance Awaits Release of Political Prisoners ?Without Any Delay?

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy demanded on Thursday that the Government of Daniel Ortega free ?without any delay? the political prisoners, as a sign of the ?good progress? of negotiations to overcome the crisis that the country lives, while more civil society groups, relatives of political prisoners and peasants continue to distance themselves from the negotiations with the dictatorship, just as the students did on Wednesday.

Political Prisoners in Nicaragua Engage in Civic Resistance

The struggle of Nicaragua's political prisoners hasn?t died in jail, since they?ve found a number of ways to protest and demand their freedom from within.  For doing so, they?ve been beaten up and isolated in maximum security cells. The latest case occurred last weekend, when in an act of rebellion,

A Revolutionary People Are Like a Steel Wall

Anyone who thinks that a military intervention against a revolutionary people can easily bring about a change in government or introduce a counter-revolutionary one, which bows down to the US? imperialist interests, is wrong because these people?s dignity is invincible.

American Airlines Suspends Flights to Venezuela over Safety Concerns

American Airlines on Friday announced the suspension of flights to Venezuela over safety concerns as self-declared interim president Juan Guaido called for more nationwide protests. American Airlines said it had temporarily suspended flights into and out of Caracas and Maracaibo. The US airline operates three daily flights to Venezuela from Miami, Florida.

Cuban Agriculture Still Condemned to a Standstill

The Cuban countryside is in crisis. In spite of its vast potential and still being one of the country?s greatest treasures, it doesn?t yield what it should or can. The Communist government?s failed economic model prevents its development and efficiency, like a straitjacket.

Hemingway?s Home in Havana ? Photo of the Day

Hemingway?s Finca Vigia, Havana, Cuba.  By Pete Little Canada.  Camera: Panasonic DMC ZS1

Nicaragua: March Set for Saturday Demanding Release of All Political Prisoners

The National Blue and White Unity movement (UNAB) convoked today a demonstration in the streets for this Saturday, March 16, to demand the ?absolute and unconditional? freedom of the hundreds of prisoners arrested for protesting against the regime of Daniel Ortega.

Ecuador Withdrawing from UNASUR over Nepotism, Misspending

Ecuador will withdraw from the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the country's president announced. "UNASUR has become a political platform which destroyed the integration dream that we were sold," Ecuador President Lenin Moreno said in a televised speech. The process takes six months to fully leave the organization.

Havana Drum Fest in 24 Pictures

Rumba is considered the quintessential genre of Cuban secular music and dance. For many Cubans, rumba represents an entire way of life and professional rumberos have called it a national sport, as important as baseball.  (24 photos)

Cuba Denies Health ?Attacks? against Diplomats, Criticizes US

Cuba denied today that health symptoms affecting staff of the US and Canadian embassies resulted from high-tech attacks and accused Washington of irresponsibility when using such terminology. Tensions are running high between Washington and Havana over US support to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's attempt to oust President Nicolas Maduro, the Cuban government's top ally.

Cubans Still Trying to Reach the USA

International press reports have shed light on the silent emigration of Cubans abroad (the magnitude of which is still unknown), amidst a tough economic landscape in the country and an increase in political tensions with the US government.

A Colombian Doctor Recounts Living/Studying in Cuba

?I was 17 years old when I arrived in Havana,? Juan Carlos Valbuena tells me as we walk down 7th Avenue and look for a cafe that shelters us from the hustle and bustle of Bolivar Square in Bogota. He was one of the young Colombians who studied Medicine in Cuba.

Brazil School Shooters Wanted to Imitate Columbine Massacre

The two young men who killed seven people and themselves at a school in south-eastern Brazil wanted to imitate similar incidents in the United States, local media said Thursday. The attackers, aged 17 and 25, were former students of the school in Suzano, Sao Paulo state.They entered the school during a break on Wednesday morning and opened fire.

Back to Work Today in Venezuela, Schools Still Suspended

With electricity being gradually restored throughout Venezuela after a week of blackouts, Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodriguez announced that Thursday work activities resume in all sectors of the country. However he said that education centers classes will remain suspended for 24 hours.