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Afibola: Deconstructing the Factory of Fear

It?s night-time. Suspicious eyes roam the streets. Poetry is being read, songs are being sung and there are cries at a new alternative festival ?Poesia Sin Fin?, in a corner of Old Havana. We don?t all fit inside the house. The audience gathers outside a door and window to hear verses.

Ortega Launches Massive Attack against Masaya

The regime of Daniel Ortega launched an armed offensive on Tuesday morning against Masaya, specifically in the indigenous neighborhood of Monimbo, the epicenter of the resistance against the dictatorship.

Vocalist ?Residente? Urges Nicaragua to Protest ?to the End?

The Puerto Rican singer Rene Perez Joglar, popularly known as ?Residente?, recently sent a message to protesters who are demanding the resignation of Daniel Ortega. In the message, he declared that those in Nicaragua who are unhappy should protest ?to the end?.

Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy Holds its Annual Conference

The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy* (ASCE) will hold its 28th annual conference titled ?Cuba: After Raul?.? The three-day event takes place on July 26-28, and will feature scholarly presentations and roundtable discussions by world-class experts, including from Cuba.

Vulgarly Classic II

This second piece of video art formed part of the third project I created for the Alternative Havana Biennial which took place in May. This time, I was lucky to have Czech-born artist and photographer (now living in the US), Sonia Domkarova, performing at the screening.

Persecution of Cuban Artists and Intellectuals Gains Legal Framework

Everybody knows that there has been a upswing of repression and censorship of artists here in Cuba. Now, with the government?s so-called ?constitutional reforms?, Decree-Law no. 349/2018 and its Chapter of Violations has appeared, with a new crime of contempt against artists.

Nicaragua Gets Catch-all Terrorism Law to Make Protesting a Crime

The Nicaraguan Parliament, dominated by the Ortega family governing party, approved two laws on Monday to criminalize the ongoing protests now reaching three months.

International Outcry Grows on the Nicaragua Crisis

After an especially bloody weekend in which Nicaraguan government forces attacked opposition demostrators in numerous cities, the OAS, UN and CELAC all reacted today to the deepening crisis in the Central American country. Here is the report from dpa news.

Rock Band ?Malas Noticias? Plays at Havana?s Yellow Submarine Club

Greetings to all rockers in Cuba, the good news is that rock band ?Malas Noticias? has played at Havana?s rock venues over the past few days and they were a real hit! These guys from Matanzas play covers by famous rock bands such as Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Beatles or Aerosmith. (8 photos)

?Cuba Doesn?t Fit into a Passport?

After six decades, Felipe Lazaro hasn?t stopped fighing against ruin and oblivion. He returns to his happy childhood in a Guines from yesteryear, the main town to the south of Havana, which finds itself in ruins today. His most recent book, ?Invisibles triangulos de muerte? (2017), was recently published by Editorial Bethania.

Let it Rain Oil in Venezuela

When you think you?ve seen it all, Venezuela?s Minister of Petroleum and PDVSA president, Manuel Quevedo, turns up with a mass to pray for oil as a way to increase production.

Nicaragua Bloodbath Continues, International Condemnation Increases

Shootings, abduction of opponents, attacks on churches, priests and bishops and at least ten dead, marked Sunday in the continuing attempt by Daniel Ortega to crush the civic rebellion against his government. Meanwhile, international condemnation of the escalation of violence is growing by the day.

Carlos Mejia Godoy?s Open Letter to Daniel Ortega

HAVANA TIMES - Nicaraguan singer/songwriter Carlos Mejia Godoy, author of many of the songs sung by the Sandinista rebels in their battle against the Somoza dictatorship in the 1970s, makes a dramatic call to Daniel Ortega to stop the killing unleashed since April by his government's forces.

Sao Paulo Forum Opens in Cuba

The 24th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum is being held in Havana from July 15-17. It brings together leaders, former presidents and social leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean, with the aim of uniting ideas and efforts. The goal is to put an end to the International Right?s counter-revolutionary offensive within the region today...

Former Swedish Ambassadors to Nicaragua Concerned about the Crisis

The three diplomats hope the Swedish government will act in the UN, where it currently chairs the Security Council, and use the international tools at its disposal.

A Democratic Socialist?s Opinion about Cuba?s New Constitution in the Works

A new Cuban Constitution is being written by the ?Revolution?s? own system as I myself type this article. However, there?s no reason to believe that it will include any of the real changes we Cubans need. Most of the Cuban people don?t understand the importance of this moment for the country

Another House Collapses in Havana, What?s Next for the Survivors?

Marina Castro and her son managed to save their lives by chance. Marina, 57, was the owner of the house that collapsed in the Cerro neighborhood due to heavy rains that lashed the Cuban capital on Thursday afternoon.

Brutal Paramilitary Attack against Students in Nicaragua

Two students dead and another 16 wounded resulted from a government ordered paramilitary attack on Managua?s UNAN university and a nearby Catholic Church where many took refuge, reported dpa news on Saturday.

Rural Leader Medardo Mairena Detained in Nicaragua

Medardo Mairena, coordinator of the National Council in Defense of the Land, the Lake and Sovereignty, was arrested at noon on Friday, July 13, at Managua?s Augusto C. Sandino Airport and taken to a jail cell in El Chipote.

Successful National Strike in Nicaragua

At least 90% of Managua's businesses closed on Friday following the call for a national strike by the Civic Alliance with support from the main business chambers, to continue demanding that Daniel Ortega negotiate his peaceful exit from power after unleashing the worst slaughter in four decades in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua: Ortega Forces Lay Siege to a Church with Hundreds of Students Inside

About 200 university students, priests and journalists remained Saturday morning under siege today in a church in the capital of Nicaragua, surrounded by armed government paramilitaries, protected by the National Police, threatening to burn the temple.

?Together We?re a Volcano!? Managua protesters Return to the Streets

On day #87 since the protests began in Nicaragua, thousands of Nicaraguans went out onto the streets of Managua and several departments in the country, to demonstrate once again their repudiation of Daniel Ortega?s government.

Fernando Ravsberg Closes his Blog about Cuba

We were surprised on Thursday by the decision of journalist Fernando Ravsberg to close his blog, Cartas desde Cuba, founded in 2007. Ravsberg had been harassed by the authorities for including articles in his blog that questioned government policies, a sin for the most conservative of the Castro-Diaz Canel government.

Cuba?s 1940 Constitution

Uva de Aragon is a renowned intellectual who lives in the US. She is the adopted daughter of Carlos Marquez Sterling, the President of the 1940 Constituent Assembly and leader of the non-violent opposition movement against Batista?s dictatorship.

Cuba?s Self-Employed and their ?Struggle?

Ever since they emerged in Cuba, ?self-employed workers? have had to put up with a host of obstacles in a country where the vast majority of people still work for the State. Their contribution to society is undervalued and worst yet, they are made to be victims of a manipulative thought.

Two Proposals on Nicaragua at the OAS

Two resolutions have been proposed in the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) regarding the crisis that Nicaragua is suffering, a calamity that on Thursday reached 86 days with a toll of 264 deaths, and rising by the day. [The Council will hold a special session on the Central American country Friday at 2:00 p.m. EDT in Washington D.C.]

The Cuban Government and its Fight against Prosperity

It?s taken us almost a year to discover what the Government was doing when it suddenly stopped issuing self-employment licenses, without any warning. New regulations have just been published and the government has also announced that it will take another six months before licenses are granted again

Nicaragua?s Drama and International Political Opportunism

I am deeply saddened by the views of some politicians from the International Left when, in the name of anti-imperialism, they express their solidarity with Daniel Ortega?s corrupt and repressive government. I think they are suffering an ideological paralysis...

?Upping the Ante for Ortega in the Civic Struggle?

The brutal repression of Daniel Ortega?s government against the Nicaraguans demanding his exit from power after more than eleven years as president, now counts over 250 dead and has succeeded in dismantling the roadblocks and barricades in the majority of the country.

Can Religious Fundamentalism Block Same Sex Marriage in Cuba?

In Cuba, nobody would think to demand (at least in public spaces) that women earn less money than men for doing the same jobs or for bars to reserve their admission rights depending on the color of their clients? skin, in spite of there still being daily expressions of machismo and racism on the island.

OAS Hears Report of Worsening Violence in Nicaragua

On the eve of three months of the largest crisis in four decades in Nicaragua, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urged its parent organization, the Organization of American States and the rest of the international community to demand that the Government of Daniel Ortega put an immediate end to the repression and human rights violations in the country.

Time to Kick a Bad Habit

For 20 years now, we have seen a food product here in Cuba called PELLY, which is also known as Chicotico because of the smell its cheesy flavor emits. Children have been the ones who consume this product the most, thanks to their parents who buy it for them.

Havana Weather for July 12-18

The hot days will continue during this 7-day forecast period with partly cloudy skies by the end of the morning and some scattered rains in the afternoons, especially towards the south of the capital. The high temperatures will be 31 and 32 C (88 and 90 F), while the lows will be 24 and 25 C (75 and 77 F).

There?s Nothing Like Cycling around Havana

Ever since the Bicicletear La Habana project began, Yasser Gonzalez, the event?s main organizer, has advocated for more alternative and sustainable projects in a city where vehicle traffic, and all of its derivatives, are truly harmful to our health. (13 photos)

Cuban Families Have the Future in Their Hands

On Monday, from the freedom of his own bed and recovering from the hunger and thirst strike that led to his release after being unfairly imprisoned, scientist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola gave a conference to a group of artists and ecologists.

Not Even God Could Stop Them

Over this past horrific weekend, first the God of Wrath that our disoriented leaders pray to had them proclaim peace while causing nine deaths in Carazo alone. Then, to top things off, on Monday July 9th, we witnessed...

Nicaragua?s Government Condemed Internationally over Violence

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Government of Germany and Human Rights Watch on Tuesday all condemned the latest episodes of violence in Nicaragua, including the attacks by pro-Ortega mobs against the Catholic bishops.

A US-Supported Coup in the Making in Nicaragua

Jacinto Suarez is one of the most influential men in Daniel Ortega's FSLN party. He presides over the Foreign Relations Commission of the Nicaraguan Congress and he?s also the man in charge of the party?s international relations.

Differences Between Protests in Latin American Countries

It?s really symptomatic that street protests are peaceful in countries with neoliberal governments, in spite of the gravity of the situation (as we will go on to see with this article), while protests take on a more warlike character in countries with progressive governments.

Cuban Youth Aren?t Communist

According to the Cuban government and its spokespeople, Cuban youth are Imperialism?s favorite target to try and overthrow the Revolution. And they see us as a vulnerable sector who are inclined to be fooled.

Ortega?s Attack on Bishops in Diriamba, Nicaragua in Photos

After a weekend of bloodshed that left at least 11 people dead, dozens of people injured and disappeared in Carazo, the religious delegation from Managua?s Catholic Church (headed by Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Apostolic Nuncio, Waldemar Stanislaw and Managua?s auxiliary bishop, Silvio Baez) traveled to Diriamba where they were attacked by pro-government mobs and paramilitary groups.

Ortega Defends and Accuses Opponents of Terrorism in Nicaragua

After several days of an armed offensive against protesters in many cities of Nicaragua, resulting in dozens killed and hundreds wounded and kidnapped, the Ortega government issued a declaration today to let the population know of its plans to pacify the country.

Ortega Forces Assault Catholic Bishops and Journalists in Diriamba, Nicaragua

A mission of the Catholic Church made up of bishops and the apostolic nuncio to Nicaragua, Waldemar Sommertag, was attacked today by supporters of the Ortega government in the city of Diriamba, in the south of the country.

Let Me Explain?

Even though I read all of the comments people leave on some of my articles, I can almost never respond (because of limited Internet access), much less write to everyone who might reject or support my ideas.

We are also God?s Children

It?s pitiful and ridiculous that these evangelicals are using politics as an excuse and mention our historic leaders, who I understand were, and are, the ones who can manipulate our lives to their every whim and fancy.

Nicaragua: Ortega Burns His Last Bridges

On July 7, Daniel Ortega burned the last bridges that offered him the possibility of negotiating an exit from power in gradual steps and of advocating for his party to maintain some influence in the government institutions during a future democratic transition.

?Living Freely Is a Wise Decision? says Cuban Artist Lia Villares

Lia Villares is a Cuban artist who many people only bespeak for her political impact on the island?s artistic world. She is a writer, filmmaker, and was the bass player in the punk band Porno para Ricardo.

Street Vendors in Nicaragua?s ?Blue and White? Rebellion

Hundreds of Managua street vendors discovered that the protests were an opportunity to earn some money. Among them was Luis Manuel Ortiz, killed on June 30th during the ?March of the Flowers? march, a demonstration protesting the many killings of youth and children.

Ortega Banks on Governing Nicaragua Until 2022

President Daniel Ortega rejected in Managua on Saturday moving up the 2021 elections as a way out of the worst political crisis in Nicaragua in the last four decades and harshly criticized his opponents, whom he described as "assassins" and "coup seekers."

Nicaragua?s Civic Alliance: 72 Hours of Pressure

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy announced the rescheduling of the march "Together We are a Volcano", for next Thursday, July 12. It also called for a 24-hour national strike [supported by business organizations] for Friday the 13th and a vehicle caravan through the neighborhoods of Managua on Saturday, July 14.