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Peaceful Protests against Nicaraguan Social Security Reforms Violently Repressed

Violence broke out in Managua on Wednesday, April 18, when members of the Sandinista Youth deploying sticks, pipes and stones, along with the Riot Police forces, repressed a march of young people and adults. By Thursday the protests have spread to other cities.

Free Education with Clowns and Reggaeton

People here have been talking about reggaeton lyrics for a long time. I remember the famous video which a grandfather uploaded to YouTube, where his trendsetting grandson was grinding on top of a girl like an adult to a raucous reggaeton beat.

Cuba: New President Promises Continuity

The new Cuban president, Miguel Diaz Canel, assured today that his mandate is to give "continuity to the Cuban Revolution in a historical and crucial moment

Havana Weather for April 19-25

Expect days with isolated clouds and a low probability of showers and rains. The winds will be from the east, weak in the mornings and with speeds between 15 and 25 km/h in the afternoons. The maximum temperatures will vary between 30 and 32° C (86 and 90 F) and the lows will be between 20 and 23° C (68 and 73 F).

Miguel Diaz-Canel is the New President of Cuba

The National Candidacy Commission today proposed to the Cuban Parliament the designation of Miguel Diaz-Canel as the only candidate to be the next president of Cuba, replacing Raul Castro.

Cuba Calls Unjustified Canada?s Withdraw of Diplomats? Relatives

The Cuban Government believes the decision of Canada to immediately send home from the island relatives of the diplomats at its embassy in Havana is unjustified. Canada said the reason is a result of mysterious injuries suffered by its personnel.

Female and Male

"Female and male" is the title of a short video found in the Weekly Package (audiovisuals sold in Cuba for downloading), which I normally buy every Tuesday. This type of material which is strongly homophobic made me sad and bothered me at the same time.

Cuba, Just Hours before a New President

What do Cubans think might happen on April 19th? Are they worried about Raul Castro leaving office? Do they feel a new president will be able to make any real changes on the island?

Nicaragua Chosen by US-Israel Company for Huge Cacao Plantation

The Israeli-U.S. company Bean & Co., that intends to plant 40,000 hectares (98,842 acres) of cacao all over the world, has chosen Nicaragua as one of the 18 countries where it will bring this vision to reality.

Be a man!

Those who follow my articles (which I hope are quite a few) should know that I live in a suburb of Guantanamo city, the fifth most populated city in Cuba.

The ?Horse?s Head? that Raul Castro Leaves Behind

The new President, whoever he is, and everything seems to indicate that it will be current first vice-president Miguel Diaz Canel, will inherit what we Cubans call a great ?horse?s head?, of a dead horse of course, from his predecessor.

Another Take on Racism in Cuba

I defend, as a verifiable truth, that differences in behavior, as groups that is, depend infinitely more on the environment in which these individuals develop, than on their genetic predisposition to behave in one way or another.

Canada Tells Diplomat?s Families to Leave Cuba over Health Issues

Only a couple days before a new president is picked in Cuba, the government?s longtime friend, Canada, made a surprise announcement Monday that steps up the mystery over attacks on the health of diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana.

What Europe (and Latin America) Can learn from the US Immigration System

Despite US president Trump's talk of walls and deportations, other new approaches have sprung up for potential immigrants detained in the USA. We examine one that's clearly not a panacea but some consider better than prolonged imprisonment.

Ten Challenges for a New Cuban President

Raul Castro began his tenure in office with reforms that opened the Cuban economy to small private sectors and with the reestablishment of relations with the United States. However during recent years, the pace of opening slowed and the thaw with Washington came to a halt, leaving the new president to take office this week many pending tasks.

Havana?s Alternative Biennial Receives Involuntary Gov. Support

Artist Reynier Leyva Novo made official his 3800 CUC (=USD) donation to the #00 Havana Biennial, which will be held from May 5th-15th.

Sixteen Countries Issue Declaration on Venezuela

Sixteen countries of the Americas, meeting in Lima in the framework of the VIII Summit of the Americas, on Saturday issued the Declaration of Venezuela to make "an urgent call" to the Venezuelan Government so that its elections are carried out through a free, fair and transparent process.

The Cuba Show at the Summit of the Americas

Osmel Ramirez comments on the strategy used by the Cuban government and its media to try and shape public opinion around the just concluded Summit of the Americas in Lima, Perú.

Gov. of Cuba Condemns US Attack on Syria Targets

The Cuban government condemned the "unilateral" bombing carried out by the United States against Syria and considered it an "outrage against a sovereign state."

A Cuban Loses his Fear (Video)

Usually when I travel, I record interviews with residents who share about their lives. I didn't anticipate doing this in Cuba. I worried about the risks. But then Juan Manuel Menendez sat down with me in a Havana park and talked about issues that have long been off-limits to Cubans.

Nicaraguan Government Says Forest Reserve Fire Extinguished

The Nicaraguan government announced Friday that the major fire has been put out in the Indio Maíz (southeastern) biological reserve, after ten days in which the flames destroyed more than 5,400 hectares of humid tropical forest.

Cuba?s Local Representatives, Public Servants?

Claribel was a neighborhood representative and president of a municipal government. She has experience working as a leader of state bodies but today runs her own hostel. She told me that she doesn?t want to know anything about the Cuban electoral system.

Trump?s VP Meets with Cuban Dissident

US vice president, Mike Pence, met Friday in Lima, Peru, venue of the Summit of the Americas, with the Cuban dissident Rosa Maria Paya, who was assured of the support of the Trump Administration.

Raul Castro Skips the Summit of the Americas

Cuban President Raul Castro decided not to attend the Summit of the Americas that begins today in Lima, Peru and instead the delegation representing the island is led by his Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez

Can Women be Tattoo Artists in Cuba?

Since 2013, Ana Lyem Laraes is the main artist at the Zenit Tattoo studio, located in the town of Santa Fe on the outskirts of Havana. In the beginning, she didn?t have much more than a needle, some ink and her friends? willingness to be her ?pioneering? clients.

How Cuban TV Portrays Disadvantaged Communities

Cuban TV shows images of foreign people and communities living in extreme poverty in order to make us see how disadvantaged they are due to government?s with little or no political will to help them. The objective is to obviously put them into contrast with Cuba.

How and When a Cuban Decides to Leave the Island

Anyone who feels the need to emigrate knows that it is a built-up mental and physical process which begins because doors are closed in their faces and there are constant hurdles...

Study: Climate Change Is Weakening Gulf Stream Ocean Currents

A study featured today by Democracy Now sees drastic effects from Climate Change taking place in the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf Stream.

Havana Punks Released, but?

Early Monday morning, the group of eight teenagers and a minor, who had been arbitrarily arrested by Cuban police on Friday April 6th, were released. Threatened with heavy fines or jail, in the end they were given a Warning Letter that can be used against them in the future.

Havana: Clean-up Effort Draws Attention to the Contaminated Quibu River

Untreated garbage and muck thrown into the Quibo River travels 27 kilometers and even reaches Havana?s University of the Arts (ISA). A group of students and environmentalists decided to draw attention to the serious contamination problem.

Yes I?m a Female Watchmaker, Why Not?

There is a sign on Libertad Street, one of the main streets in Ciego de Avila, and it reads: ?Female Watchmaker?. Yes, female watchmaker, not a male watchmaker, like people say if you ask them for directions.

Venezuela: US Dollar Surpasses 400,000 Bolivars

The Venezuelan National Assembly?s Finance Commission, said on Wednesday that inflation reached 67% for March, with the year inflation rate now up to 8,878%.

Havana Weather for April 12-18

The days will remain cloudy from the morning on, with some showers and rains, mainly in the afternoons. The maximum temperatures will be between 28 and 33° C (82 and 91 F), while in the early morning the lows will be between 21 and 24° C (70 and 75 F).

Dying in Cuba, History Disregards the Poor

?They wanted to take him out of the box and take out his pacemaker because it could supposedly serve another heart patient,? Alberto Manuel?s statement horrified me and led to this story...

Fire in Nicaragua?s Indio Maiz Biological Reserve could spread to its western border

The fire in the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve that has devoured over 12,355 acres (5,116 hectares) of forestland marked seven days of destruction on Tuesday April 10th.

Petro Cryptocurrency: Solution or Scam for Venezuela?

TeleSur, the Venezuela based satellite TV channel we see here in Cuba, has unleashed a media avalanche/advertising campaign for cryptocurrencies recently, especially the Petro...

In Cuba: Books Magically Appear

In today?s high-tech era, even with the slow advances that are being made on our island, how does a book compete with shiny, bright-colored screens that seem to bubble with life?

Yoga in the Streets of Havana

The Polish born yoga practitioner Gosia wanted to show her talent by wandering the streets of Havana and posing in spontaneous fashion among the inhabitants going about their daily routines. (15 photos)

A Cuban Artist and his Altruism in Support of the #00 Havana Biennal (+video)

Artist Reynier Leyva Novo will donate 3,800 cuc (= usd) to the #00 Bienal de La Habana (May 5-15), informed the event's organizing committe on Monday. The money comes from the sale of a work to the Council of the Plastic Arts.

Havana?s Wholesale Market is a Con

When I saw the photos of the inauguration of the Mercabel wholesale market, in the pro-government media?s inflated article, I thought they were strange for a feature about a center of this kind which are normally large commercial spaces.

Theater: A Greek Myth and Today?s Cuba

In our new play, Las Troyanas (The Trojan Women), we will take Euripides? original script as a starting point, and therefore Greek myth, to perform a story that will take on an interrelationship with our own social situation. Subjects such as abuses of power, gender discrimination and oppression will be touched upon.

An Unforgettable Day in Perico, Matanzas

On March 24th, in the town of Perico, Matanzas province, there was a fire which destroyed seven homes completely and two homes were partially damaged. There weren?t any fatalities or people injured. Here's what happened.

Sometimes an Effective Complaint Bears Results

In January, I wrote about a pothole in the middle of 19th street in Havana?s Bahia neighborhood. I wrote that neighbors had planted plants inside the pothole themselves so that people could see it from afar and be able to prevent an accident from taking place...

Cuba?s Misleading Election Results

It takes a lot of intellectual energy to understand Cuban reality. There are a large number of facts that are extremely contradictory. Statistics on voting and the reasons people go to the polls are one of those issues.

Nicaragua: Masaya Volcano Website Nominated for a Prestigious Award

The website developed by a team of explorers under Sam Cossman has been nominated for a prestigious ?Webby,? an award recognizing ?the world?s best websites.? It allows the viewer to take a virtual tour of the Masaya Volcano, right up to the lava lake at its core.

New Police Arrest of Havana Punks

The latest repression against teenage Cuban punks took place on Friday, April 6, on Havana?s popular G Street. Such arbitrary actions of the police agents in Cuba resounds.

I Can?t Understand this World

I must confess that in spite of there only being three months left until my 81st birthday and having spent the second half of my life tied to the news, I am still worried about the world?s current situation and vehemently wish inequality ends and that I don?t have to see any more images of useless wars.

Havana?s Improvised Pimps

Any man who has ever visited Havana will be familiar with the common occurrence that is the offering of ?chicas? by many of the local men. As a young foreign man living here alone, no evening escapes the practice.

Two Cuban Actors Together in Life and Censorship

Lola and Eduardo?s paths have been wedged together like two forged pieces of metal for the past 17 years since back when they studied acting at the Superior Institute of Art and shared the stage together in a Havana theater troupe.

Cuban Citizens Blocked from Travel Abroad

The ban on leaving the country is used continuously at the convenience of the Cuban government to prevent someone who thinks differently from the official discourse from traveling abroad. This time it was the turn of...