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Cubans on the island want to talk to you about refilling their phone minutes

?Little bro, hook me up with a refill. It's only 20 little pesos.? That and other similar phrases are regularly posted on the social networks of Cubans who are asking … Click to Continue »

Reaction mixed on first anniversary of Trump's Cuba policy

President Donald Trump stood before a crowd of Cuban Americans at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana a year ago Saturday and with great fanfare and to the accompaniment … Click to Continue »

Trump is willing to negotiate with North Korea ? but not Cuba

One year after President Donald Trump came to Miami and signed a presidential directive outlining his new Cuba policy, the White House shows little appetite for negotiations of a ?better … Click to Continue »

Has President Trump's year-old Cuba policy helped the Cuban people?

While Cuban diplomats keep traveling the United States insisting it is time for the U.S. embargo to be lifted and prospecting for support at American universities, city councils and state … Click to Continue »

Black boxes in fiery Cuban airline crash being analyzed in Washington

The two black boxes recovered from last month's fiery crash of a Boeing 737-200 leased by Cuba's national airline are now in Washington, D.C., where they are being analyzed at … Click to Continue »

If you send packages to relatives or friends in Cuba, goods could get confiscated

Cuba's customs agency is threatening to confiscate packages sent from the United States with people who travel to the island to deliver items under the radar for shipping companies. Havana … Click to Continue »

Pollution is destroying the environment and livelihood for residents in this Cuban city

A crab covered in oil raises its claws as its crawls slowly through the mangroves in the bay of Cienfuegos in south central Cuba. Pelicans with black stains linger on … Click to Continue »

'My dearest Fidel' film to portray Cold War affair between Castro and U.S. journalist

A U.S. journalist interviews a rebellious Cuban leader during a predawn visit to her room at the Riviera Hotel in Havana. Later, she carries his messages to the White House. … Click to Continue »

Former Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado selected as new director for Radio and TV Martí

Former Miami mayor and veteran journalist Tomás Regalado has been named the new director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, which oversees the Radio and TV Martí stations that broadcast … Click to Continue »

Google and Cuba close to finalizing agreement to expand internet access on the island

Google is close to reaching an agreement with the Cuban government to expand internet access on the island, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake told el Nuevo Herald. ?Yes, I think they … Click to Continue »

U.S. sets up task force to investigate diplomatic health incidents in Cuba and China

The State Department has set up a task force that will direct a multi-agency response to mysterious health incidents that have caused symptoms ranging from concussions to hearing loss in … Click to Continue »

U.S., Cuba decide to make direct mail service permanent

Mail can once again be sent directly between the United States and Cuba. "Correos de Cuba [the Cuban mail service] and the Postal Service of the United States have agreed … Click to Continue »

Cuba's first lady is no mystery, but you would not know it from coverage in state media

When Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived in Caracas for an official visit to Venezuela on Wednesday, the woman in the purple and black dress with the stylish lilac purse was … Click to Continue »

The old Cuban consulate has been the subject of ghost stories. Now it can be yours.

Interested in a 1925 building with fascinating links to ghost stories and Cuba, plus lots of French neoclassical architectural elements, Moorish arches and Spanish tile? You're in luck, because Villa … Click to Continue »

Got minutes? A new currency is making its rounds in Cuba.

Cubans are increasingly using the balance of their cellphone accounts with the government's ETECSA telecommunications monopoly as a virtual currency sometimes called "el ETECSO." The expansion of the electronic transfers … Click to Continue »

Bridge is washed out by heavy rains from subtropical storm Alberto in Cuba

A bridge over the Zaza River in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba collapsed after heavy rains rose water levels to one of highest levels on record. … Click to Continue »

68 of its residents were killed in Cuba plane crash. Now Holguín is filled with grief

A flamenco dancer. A woman on her way to meet her mother, visiting from the United States. A doctor on vacation from a job in Brazil. Ten couples from an … Click to Continue »

Guantánamo Cemetery

The U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has a cemetery. It looks like a scrubby version of Arlington National Cemetery -- with some exceptions. … Click to Continue »

U.N. members offer 339 suggestions on how Cuba can improve human rights record

United Nations members have recommended that Cuba establish an independent national human rights institution, immediately release prisoners of conscience and end the harassment of human rights activists. Those suggestions were … Click to Continue »

Cuba's new leader just faced his first crisis. It gave us a glimpse of his governing style

Soon after a passenger plane crashed near Havana's airport last week, killing 112 people, Cuba's new president Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived at the scene as the wreck of the Boeing 737 … Click to Continue »

Cuban immigrants are no longer 'privileged' in the United States

The renewal of U.S. tourist visas issued to Cubans since bilateral relations were established in 2015 has turned into a headache for many relatives in Miami. The B-2 visas, valid … Click to Continue »

Gay friendly church in Cuba has a close, powerful friend ? a Castro

A church in Cuba that has opened its doors to the gay community has created a bit of controversy by also welcoming a leadership role to a polemic figure ? … Click to Continue »

Tragic Cuba plane crash shows that new Cuban government can't afford to cover up news

It's not exactly business as usual in Cuba anymore. The Cubana de Aviación plane crash, a major breaking news event, debuted a new generation expertly using technology. The flight from … Click to Continue »

Anti-Castro militant Posada Carriles is dead at 90

Luis Posada Carriles, the Cuban exile militant who left no bomb or bullet unturned in a fruitless four-decade-long series of attempts to kill Fidel Castro, died early Wednesday morning after … Click to Continue »

Who is Luis Posada Carriles, the anti-Castro militant known as 'Bambi'?

Luis Posada Carriles, considered a hero among members of the Cuban exile community for his role in the Bay of Pigs invasion and for his attempts to overthrow the late … Click to Continue »

Rubio, Díaz-Balart want investigation of Raúl Castro in 1996 shoot-down of exile planes

Two Florida Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart, have asked President Donald Trump to consider an investigation into whether Cuba's former ruler, Raúl Castro, should be indicted for … Click to Continue »

'Massacre' in central Cuba raises questions about violence against women on the island

It was 11:30 in the morning last Thursday when Luis Roque heard the first pleas for help. He was about to head to work when his neighbor's screams made him … Click to Continue »

Florida relatives head to Cuba to help identify victims of air crash

More than a dozen Florida residents traveled to Cuba over the weekend to help in the identification of family members who lost their lives in the fiery crash of a … Click to Continue »

American LGBTQ advocates visit Havana for Cuban pride events

A delegation of LGBTQ leaders from the United States, including Equality Florida CEO Nadine Smith and Freedom to Work founder Tico Almeida, last week visited Cuba to join fellow activists … Click to Continue »

What caused a Cuban airliner to fall from the sky? One theory is luggage overload

As Cubans grieved over one of the worst air crashes in the island's history, investigators hoped that the recovery of one of the black boxes from a leased Boeing 737 … Click to Continue »