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100,000 Cuban homes slammed by Hurricane Irma await repairs months later

Electrical power was quickly restored after Hurricane Irma?s scrape along Cuba?s northern coast, much of the flood damage in Havana was cleaned up within weeks, and tourism facilities opened in … Click to Continue »

Navy base video of underwater training

Mass Communication Specialists, assigned to Expeditionary Combat Camera and Seabees, assigned to Underwater Construction Team One, conduct underwater photography and divers training off the coast of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Feb. 3-24, 2017. Expeditionary Combat Camera?s divers conduct annual training to maintain their diving proficiency, ensuring they are ready to support DoD missions worldwide. … Click to Continue »

Cuba reacts to Rubio hearing on Havana diplomats? health problems

Cuba reacted harshly Tuesday to the Senate subcommittee hearing convened by Sen. Marco Rubio, saying its intent wasn?t to gather facts but rather to politicize the mysterious episodes that damaged … Click to Continue »

State Department softens travel warning to Cuba, recommends ?reconsidering? trip

The U.S. State Department has changed its travel alert system and now recommends American citizens ?reconsider? visiting Cuba. It had previously issued a warning advising Americans not to travel to … Click to Continue »

Cubans jam Colombian consulates for visas to travel to the United States

Colombia's consulates in Miami and Havana have been jammed in recent weeks by Cubans seeking to travel to Bogota to process visa requests at the U.S. Embassy there. ?We are … Click to Continue »

Experts still confounded by source of attacks against U.S. embassy staffers in Havana

State Department officials said Tuesday that experts are still investigating the source of the mysterious attacks against at least 24 U.S. embassy officials and their family members in Havana, including … Click to Continue »

Trailer for Cuba's Forgotten Jewels: A Haven in Havana

The documentary 'Cuba's Forgotten Jewels: A Haven in Havana' tells the story of European refugees who recall their escape from and the challenges they faced in an exotic and unfamiliar land. … Click to Continue »

Tillerson to weigh in on acoustic events against American diplomats in Havana

The U.S. Department of State said Monday it still doesn?t know ?who or what is causing the medical symptoms? that damaged the health of two dozen American diplomats stationed in … Click to Continue »

Their cheeky T-shirts are designed in Cuba ? but they found a way to sell them here

Clandestina, which bills its cheeky T-shirts as ?Designed in Cuba. Printed in the USA,? became the first Cuban brand to launch a website for U.S. sales in late October ? … Click to Continue »

We fled the Castros? communism. Now they?re recruiting our children. Outrageous!

After 59 years of conning the world with social justice talking points and outlasting every U.S. administration, the Cuban dictatorship has refined the art of responding to Washington-made strategy. But … Click to Continue »

If your parents are Cuban, you may be eligible for citizenship ? but there?s a catch

The children of Cubans living abroad will be able to apply for and obtain Cuban citizenship starting this week, without the need to live on the island for any length … Click to Continue »

Here?s something that both Cuba and the U.S. suffer from: ?narcissistic attitudes?

After performing rituals in places like rivers, forests, hills and sacred trees, Cuba's babalawos lock themselves into a sacred room on Dec. 31. They include leaders of the two main … Click to Continue »

How paying for a Cuban sandwich with Venmo could get your account frozen

The next time your friend offers to pay for lunch and split the bill via Venmo, an online money transaction service, pause for a minute before hitting pay. Does your … Click to Continue »

War over Havana Club rum continues: ?Don?t tell us we?re not Cuban,? commercial says

Bacardi has a new weapon in its battle for the bar: heritage. The spirit-maker has launched a new advertising campaign for its Havana Club rum that leans on nostalgia, roots … Click to Continue »

Goodbye Venezuela, hello Russia. Can Vladimir Putin save Cuba?

When Cuban ruler Raúl Castro met recently with Igor Sechin, head of Russia's state-owned Rosneft oil company, it was an intimate gathering, held in the same office from where Castro … Click to Continue »

Fireworks accident critically injures spectators in Cuba

Dozens of people were burned after a fireworks accident at a traditional celebration in the Cuban central town of Remedios on Sunday, Dec. 25, 2017, according to state media. … Click to Continue »

Christmas Eve fireworks explosion hospitalizes 22 in Cuba, state-run media reports

A Christmas Eve festival in Cuba ended with a fireworks explosion that injured 22 people, six of them children, Cuban goverment media reported Monday. ?An unfortunate accident with fireworks occurred … Click to Continue »

Built as a sanctuary for Cuba research in exile, UM institute now has no leader

Five months ago Andy Gómez, founder and former senior fellow at the University of Miami?s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, returned as interim director of the research center. His … Click to Continue »

Cuban leader Raúl Castro will stay in power past February

The Cuban government has announced that it will postpone a historic presidential election scheduled in two months? time that was expected to result in a generational political transition and Cuban … Click to Continue »

U.S. and Cuban researchers join forces to bring lung cancer patients new hope

HAVANA Patients in a clinical trial in Buffalo, N.Y., visit a cancer research institute for monthly doses of a Cuban lung cancer vaccine while scientists in Havana, 1,375 miles away, … Click to Continue »

More than 37,000 Cubans face deportation orders

Some arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border only a few hours after the sudden change in immigration policy on Jan. 12. Others have been in the United States since much earlier. … Click to Continue »

Vulgar, materialistic, apolitical. Why do recently arrived Cubans get a bad rap?

He wears two or three gold chains around his neck and Nike sneakers cover his feet. He holds up a bundle of cash so that it shows on the photo … Click to Continue »

On Christmas Eve, he was a happy child in Cuba. On Christmas Day, alone in a new country.

On Christmas Day, 1961, I lost my innocence. Instead of waking up to presents given by loving parents, family and friends, I received goodbyes from aunts, uncles, cousins, school friends, … Click to Continue »

Cuba exports medicine to dozens of countries. It would like the U.S. to be one of them

Cuba now exports vaccines, diagnostic kits and drugs developed by its Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ? the largest research center on the island ? to 51 countries. But … Click to Continue »

This Cuban industry began with 6 scientists, a tiny lab ? and Fidel Castro?s obsession

When Dr. R. Lee Clark, then president of the University of Texas? famed M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, visited the island in November 1980 as part of a delegation, … Click to Continue »

Cuban researchers hope to join forces with U.S. in biotech field

Scientists at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology say they have developed promising drugs, including one that could save the limbs of diabetics, but they face hurdles getting them into the U.S. market … Click to Continue »

Cuban and U.S. researchers team up to fight lung cancer

Dr. Pedro Camilo Rodríguez, an immune oncology researcher at Cuba's Center of Molecular Immunology, talks about a combined effort between Cuban and U.S. researchers to fight lung cancer with a vaccine. … Click to Continue »

Raúl Castro?s economic reforms were supposed to make life better in Cuba. Didn?t happen

Raúl Castro promised a better life for Cubans when he launched timid economic reforms and opened a few doors to private business. But after a decade in power, he will … Click to Continue »

How Cuban ingenuity is getting around the island?s tight customs control

Ernesto Machado will never forget that cold morning in 1968 at José Martí International Airport in Havana, when an immigration official seized his parents? gold wedding bands and ripped up … Click to Continue »

How Cuban ingenuity is getting around the island?s tight customs control

Ernesto Machado will never forget that cold morning in 1968 at the José Martí International Airport in Havana, when an immigration official seized his parents' gold wedding bands and ripped … Click to Continue »