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Ortega Shuns Visit by Members of the European Parliament

A mission of the European Parliament, scheduled to arrive in Managua this week, has been vetoed by the regime, according to information from authorities of the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry, to the representatives of the European Union. This would be the second occasion that the regime prevents a delegation of European legislators from learning what has happened in the country.

Colombia Steps Up Pressure on Cuba to Hand Over ELN Guerrillas

Colombia on Monday stepped up pressure on Cuba to hand over 10 members of the guerrilla group National Liberation Army (ELN) after it claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed 21 people last week, reported dpa news.

Old Havana Butcher?s Shop ? Photo of the Day

This photo of an Old Havana butcher shop was taken by Tom Hinojal from the United States. He used a Canon 7D Mark 1 camera.

Carlos F. Chamorro, Nicaragua?s Top Journalist, Goes into Exile

Two big surprises in the news today regarding Nicaragua. One, a revealing interview from Costa Rica by Carlos F. Chamorro with recently resigned Supreme Court Justice Rafael Solis, a key member of Daniel Ortega?s inner circle. The second shocking news item was Chamorro himself explaining that under serious threat, he has made the decision to go into exile in Costa Rica.

Santiago de Cuba?s Experience with Racism

Sitting in her home in one of Santiago de Cuba?s residential neighborhoods, smiling and calm, retired Mercedes Lina Cathcart spells out her strange surname before sharing her view about racial discrimination. Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in the country.

Devastating Interview with Rafael Solis, Exiled Nicaraguan Supreme Court Justice

Former Supreme Court judge Rafael Solis spoke for 54 minutes before the cameras of the weekly television news show Esta Semana, giving the reasons behind his political rupture with the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

EU Threatens Action against Nicaragua Amid Political Crisis

European Union foreign ministers threatened Monday to take action against Nicaragua after months of deadly crackdowns on demonstrations and pressure on the media by the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The Hard Times of Solange Centeno from Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Life has hit Solange Centeno, 20, hard. At a very young age, she came home one night to find her mother had been murdered by her boyfriend. Today the single mother is living through yet more hard times that she perhaps never imagined - she finds herself in jail with a long sentence for protesting against the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

As the Storm Approaches ? Photo of the Day

"As the storm approaches" was taken by Peter Little in Varadero, Cuba. He used a Panasonic DMC-ZS1 camera.

Nicaragua Brings International Human Rights Organizations Together

With the closure of spaces for civil society to protest and particularly the criminalization of human rights defenders by the Ortega?s regime, twelve organizations joined together to form the ?International Observatory of the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua.?

Cuban Body Art Strives to be a Whole Lot More

Tattoos aren?t just a business, they are a lifestyle and a way to connect with other people and artistic movements, says Ana Lyem Lara, the founder of Zenit Tattoo Studio. Members of this studio located in Santa Fe (a beach town to the west of the capital), combine their work with different arts and community projects.

Nicaragua: Journalists Remain Incommunicado after 28 days

The last time Alejandro Ubau Hernandez spoke with his niece Lucia Pineda Ubau, editor-in-chief of 100% Noticias channel, the journalist expressed her concern about the permanent siege of paramilitaries and the Police at her workplace. A week later, on December 21st, Lucia and Miguel Mora, director of this media outlet, were abducted in a police operation that culminated in the occupation of the premises and the cancellation of the popular channel?s signal.

Nicaragua Needs More Justice, Less Impunity

In the future, in the new Nicaragua that we so long for, we need to unravel and clearly define the responsibilities of each person who has been an accomplice and perpetrator of the wave of repression, and who has helped to maintain this dictatorship. They need to be tried in court, if necessary, to stop them from regaining power and cynically laughing in our faces, again.

Three Friends ? Photo of the Day

Three Friends in Guanabo, Cuba. The picture was taken by Leon Papir (USA) in the year 2000. Also read how you can participate in our Photo of the Day section.

Is Voting NO in Cuba?s Referendum on the Constitution Enough?

Friends and acquaintances have been asking me: ?Will you vote NO??, as if it were a trivial question, because they already assume I will. Even the State Security agent who ?deals with us? (without us asking for his attention), paid us a visit to remind us that they wouldn?t allow any kind of protest relating to this clumsy show of a constitutional referendum.

Recycling in Cuba as a Means of Survival

Finding value in something that has passed its expiry date and has no more wear and tear is part of the recycling process in Cuba. There are different mechanisms to ensure this: raw material collectors are one of them. Ernesto Rodriguez de la O (67 years old) forms part of this broad framework.

Cuba Lives Decades Away from the Present

Cuba is a strange island, a country with a warped timeline, a dimension apart in this planet where the present is ten years away from us, in the future. A country where the capital is made up of buildings that are over 60 years old, many of which are in ruins, and last century?s cars drive along its streets, while technological progress is only thanks to the First World?s left-overs.

Happiness in Havana ? Photo of the Day

Happiness. Sometimes you only need a window, some plants to water and a cigarette in Havana. This picture was taken by Caridad with a Nikon D80 camera.

Mugabe and Ortega: Similarities and Differences

Daniel Ortega and Robert Mugabe share a lot of similarities, but also some profound differences. History has now buried Mugabe, while Ortega continues clinging to power, squandering all his political capital and eroding his personal image.

Death Toll Hits 21 in Bogota, Colombia Car Bombing

The death toll rose to 21 following a car bombing at a police academy in Colombia on Thursday, local media reported, as the country's President Ivan Duque pledged to step up border controls and security on access roads to cities. A total of 68 people were also injured in the attack, according to El Tiempo newspaper, citing information from police.

Cuba, Referendum: Vote YES versus the Vote NO

In a little less than 40 days Cubans will be voting on the constitutional referendum that is being debated throughout the country and on social networks ? an authentic and silent duel pitting those who will vote Yes and those who favor the No.

Neither Forgive nor Forget? A Response

Without truth there is a ?pact? and a shady deal in a dark room, mutual forgiveness and a convenient oblivion. Without truth there is cynicism, and what there always is, a recycling of all the culprits, who then, when another one appears, can even boast of being noble and integral people, to whom nobody, never, ?could prove him anything.?

Hundreds of Cubans Traveling to Panama to see Pope Francis

There are 471 Cubans about to travel to Panama for the Catholic Church's World Youth Day. Many have been saving for a good while to pay for the reunion with Pope Francisco and ask him to pray for their Island. The cost of the plane ticket, medical insurance, lodging and food add up to US $680. It seems cheap, but it?s the equivalent of 22.6 average montly salaries in Cuba.

Cuban artist Yram Marrero: Photography Saved My Life

Born in the ?60s, a rocker and fan, Yram Marreo introduces himself in a comical way: ?I-I-I am a stutterer who was born in Santa Clara?... but I met him a few months ago in Trinidad, testing out a light set next to an outdoor charcoal furnace.* He moved to this city a few years ago with his wife, when he was sure that photography was his life.

Havana Weather for January 17-23

The days will be partial cloudy with a low probability of rain. The winds will be from the east, except on Sunday where they will prevail from the north and northeast, with speeds between 20 and 35 km/h, with some higher gusts. The high temperatures will range between 25 and 28° C (77 and 82 F), while the lows will be between 16 and 18° C (61 and 64 F).

Police Station ? Foto of the Day

Clyde Brown (USA) used the camera on his Iphone to capture this picture of an old police station in Havana, Cuba.

?Guilty? Cuban Bernardo Benes Passes Away

Bernardo Benes was ?guilty? of contributing to the release of 3,600 political prisoners in Cuba (1979), fostering a dialogue between Washington and Havana, making a decisive contribution to a change in the profile of the Cuban exile community in Miami and developing the creation of different institutions to provide aid and understanding between Cubans, US citizens, Latin Americans, Jews and Christians.

The Confession of Rafael Solis: ?A Political and Moral Earthquake?

In an interview with journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, on the television program ?Esta Semana?, Dora Maria Tellez argued that the resignation of Solis from the State-FSLN Party controlled by the presidential couple is a political earthquake because he was from the small inner circle close to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo and ?a box of secrets? of Ortega.

Can the Cuban Government Solve the Crisis Without a Democracy?

The crisis that Cuba is suffering today is far too serious to be overcome with superficial changes. ?Continuity? is the road that has been traced by Communist leaders, with the basic changes needed to adapt the situation to this historic changing of the guard. The reaction has been immediate: the population with the means to do so is fleeing en masse...

Climate Change Threatens Mexico?s Atlantic Coast

?I couldn?t plant my cornfield in May, because it rained too early. I lost everything,? lamented Marcos Canté, an indigenous farmer, as he recounted the ravages that climate change is wreaking on this municipality on Mexico?s Caribbean coast. The phenomenon, caused by human activities has altered the ancestral indigenous practices based on the rainy and dry seasons.

Mexican Policy Towards Nicaragua Remains Unclear

Lopez Obrador himself hasn?t offered a lot in terms of explaining what his international politics might look like. On Monday morning, January 14, during a press conference with the national media in the National Palace, he reaffirmed his campaign position that he?d maintain a policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

Trump May Let Cuban-Americans Sue over Seized Properties

The White House took a step closer to allowing thousands of Cuban-Americans to sue foreign companies and others who now control real estate on the island that was seized from them by the Cuban government. The State Department warned other countries their companies could be subject to US lawsuits and have 45 days to review whether they were operating on confiscated properties.

What?s Happening to Cuba?s Controversial Law to Control Independent Art

Counteracting what the government considers to be an anti-decree 349 media campaign and explicitly stating its essence and reach, Cuba?s cultural authorities have been holding meetings with artist and writers? unions all over the country, since late December.

Old Havana Clothesline ? Photo of the Day

Almost all washed clothes in Cuba are dried outside. For apartment residents that usually means on the balconies. This Old Havana clothesline was captured by Todd Bennett, USA.

Making a Difference

I?ve recently had a special guest at home. Her owner named her Princesa, however, she practically lives out on the street. Her beauty and charisma have suffered the hardships of time, abuse from male cats, repetitive pregnancies and births. Her litters are now on the street and are at risk of suffering the abuse of children, parasites, malnourishment...

Havana Jazz Festival 2019 Opening Night

Taking place from January 14th-20th in Havana and Santiago de Cuba (now the festival?s second home), the Jazz Plaza Festival kicked off on Monday on the different stages that are now regulars during this annual event. Here are some highlights from the Mella Theater in Havana. (15 photos)

?Clandestina? Brand Clothes in Havana

In the heart of Old Havana, on the corner of Villegas and Teniente Rey streets to be exact, you can find Clandestina, a store/workshop painted all in white against a discolored and run-down landscape. It?s been nearly four years since the Cuban Idania del Rio and Leire Fernandez of Spain launched their business which they wanted to be economically sustainable.

Climate Change and a Salty Dilemma

As the threat of water scarcity increasingly grows, many have turned to the Earth's plentiful oceans for a solution. However, this has created a new risk threatening public and environmental health: brine. Across 177 countries, there are now 16,000 desalination plants.

Venezuelan Congress Declares Maduro?s New Term Illegitimate

Venezuela's opposition-dominated National Assembly on Tuesday approved a declaration accusing President Nicolas Maduro of usurping power and calling for him to be replaced by the assembly's president, Juan Guaido. Acts that Maduro carried out as president would have no validity, parliament said.

Hansell Vasquez: Communicating Broken Dreams

Hansell Vasquez liked to dream of owning a big company. He saw himself leading it and giving his family the comforts that they had once lacked. He made several start-up attempts. His mother, Lilliam Ruiz, thinks about him every day. At times she finds herself thinking that it?s all a lie, that her son isn?t in prison, that he?s just gone on a trip, camera in hand, to make some videos...

Havana: The La Perla Building and Its Fading Brilliance

In less than a year, the La Perla building will have to end up completely empty. ?In less than a year,? according to what Old Havana?s local government authorities told residents, who they share a wall with. This was back in early 2017, but the building?s roof had already begun falling by pieces a long time before that.

After Irma ? Photo of the Day

This photo was taken a block away from Plaza Vieja, Havana September 23, 2017, one week after hurricane Irma. By Tomas Hinojal, Cuba. New York City, USA. Canon 7D Mark I

Bolsonaro Signs Decree Easing Gun Restrictions in Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday signed a decree relaxing the country's strict gun controls in an attempt to stem mounting crime. "The people have decided to buy arms and munitions and we cannot deny [that]," the daily O Globo quoted the president as saying.

Daniel Ortega and Jimmy Morales Face Supranational Powers

Morales wants to install a dictatorial power opposing other powers of the State (the Constitutional Court, the Prosecutor?s Office), Ortega has a consolidated dictatorship, although tottering. Their modus operandi unite them, above and below their supposed ideological differences.

Cuba: The Anatomy of Fear

Fear is one of animals?, and therefore humans?, main responses in the face of danger. It is a positive emotion when it can be controlled by the person experiencing it, but the roles are reversed if fear dominates, and the results can be catastrophic.

Venezuela Gets Minimum Wage Raise to US $6 a Month

With inflation continuing to skyrocket in Venezuela, President Maduro announced today a raise in the minimum wage from a little over US $2 a month to around $6, a 300% increase. Venezuela has the lowest paid workers in the Americas followed by Cubans whose income averages around $25 per month.

EU Joins Wave of Criticism after Arrest of Maduro Rival in Venezuela

The European Union on Monday joined a wave of international criticism following the brief arrest of Venezuela's National Assembly President Juan Guaido, who has led a stand-off against President Nicolas Maduro.

Havana at Sunset ? Photo of the Day

Havana at Sunset, December 2018. Picture taken by Kelvin Clarke from the United Kingdom. He used an iPhone 6s camera. Read how you can submit your pictures for the Photo fo the Day.

Shedding Light on Forced Child Pregnancy and Motherhood in Latin America

Research and campaigns by women?s rights advocates are beginning to focus on the problem of Latin American girls under the age of 14 who are forced to bear the children of their rapists, with the lifelong implications that entails and without the protection of public policies guaranteeing their human rights.

Gioconda Belli: Neither Forgive nor Forget?

The next stage of the struggle in Nicaragua must lead to defining an organization that can bind together and legitimize the self-organized movement; a body that succeeds in uniting us around proposals and ideals that move away from the failures that we?ve experienced.