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Miami reaction to Cuba's new president mixed: Reject him or maybe try to engage

While Cuba's National Assembly was applauding a historic transition that brought Miguel Díaz-Canel to power Thursday, Miami exiles were underwhelmed by the changing of the guard, calling it everything from … Click to Continue »

Cuba's new president is the first non-Castro in 42 years. How much power will he have?

Cuba's new president, Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel, grew up in the Cuban revolution, and it's clear his mission is to make sure it survives. In his first speech as president Thursday, … Click to Continue »

Who is Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba's handpicked president?

On the eve of the anniversary of Cuban patriot José Martí's birth, Raúl Castro, flanked by members of the revolutionary old guard and a much younger man who hadn't even … Click to Continue »

Miguel Díaz-Canel is the only official candidate for Cuba's next president

Miguel Díaz-Canel, who wasn't even born at the time of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, is the only candidate proposed for president by Cuba's National Assembly, which voted Wednesday on a … Click to Continue »

Rubio wants more Cuban military companies under U.S. sanctions

U.S. policy toward Cuba could get tougher, just as the island prepares for a historic change in government. Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio told el Nuevo Herald he expected the … Click to Continue »

For ?last exiles,? Raúl Castro exiting presidency is both farce ? and cause for hope

As a journalist and the daughter of Cuban exiles, I have spent a lifetime waiting for the landmark day when six decades of Castro rule ends ? and democracy flourishes … Click to Continue »

FBI making 'a lot of progress' in finding answers on health attacks in Cuba

The FBI is closer to finding answers about the mysterious attacks that caused health ailments in at least 24 U.S. diplomats, relatives and intelligence agents in Havana, Republican Sen. Marco … Click to Continue »

Raúl Castro may leave office a bit earlier than originally planned

Cuba has moved up by a day the beginning of the historic legislative session in which Raúl Castro is supposed to leave the presidency and usher in a new generation … Click to Continue »

OAS secretary general: 'We cannot allow the Cuban people to continue to be oppressed'

The secretary general of the Organization of American States urged participating governments at the VIII Summit of the Americas to put more pressure on Cuba and ?not allow a convenient … Click to Continue »

Cuba and Venezuela delegations disrupt civil society summit in Peru

Amid shouts of "Down with the worms!" and "I am Fidel," an official Cuban delegation interrupted Thursday's final session of a civil society conference taking place alongside the VIII Summit … Click to Continue »

Pompeo says embassy in Cuba should represent 'finest of American diplomacy'

It appears that the U.S. Embassy in Havana will become less of a ghost town if Mike Pompeo is confirmed as U.S. Secretary of State. In recent weeks, the staff … Click to Continue »

New series documents the challenges of private startup enterprises in Cuba

Starting a business anywhere in the world is always like ?swimming upstream,? says the entrepreneur behind a popular Havana restaurant. But if you?re trying to navigate the private sector in … Click to Continue »

Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel is the new president of Cuba

Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel, 57, was chosen by Cuba's National Assembly as the country's new president on Thursday, Abril 19, 2018. Díaz-Canel was the only candidate. … Click to Continue »

Díaz-Canel is named Cuba's new president. Here are the previous leaders since 1959

Several Cuban leaders used the title 'president? during the first years of the revolution, though the first three served for short times. As prime minister, Fidel Castro was the real … Click to Continue »

Cuba taps Miguel Diaz-Canel to replace Raul Castro

Cuba's legislators erupted in applause Wednesday morning as Raul Castro entered the hall in a dark suit, accompanied by Miguel Diaz-Canel, his expected successor. … Click to Continue »

How an alleged sonic attack shaped U.S. policy on Cuba

In 2016, diplomats at the United States Embassy in Havana were mysteriously stricken. Was it an attack? There is no official explanation for it, but it has played a big role in America?s current political disengagement with Cuba. … Click to Continue »

Latin America leaders urge summit participants to reject Cuba's next handpicked ruler

Former Latin American presidents on Wednesday urged participants in the upcoming VIII Summit of the Americas to reject the new Cuban government scheduled to take power next week. The former … Click to Continue »

U.S. condemns Cuba for keeping dissidents away from Peru summit

The United States condemned the Cuban government Tuesday for blocking opposition and independent activists from traveling to Peru for activities that are part of the VIII Summit of the Americas … Click to Continue »

U.S. Embassy in Cuba: Diplomatic population 10

At a time when Cuba faces a significant generational shift in power with Cuban leader Raúl Castro expected to retire from the presidency on April 19, the United States has … Click to Continue »

Cuba desperately needs to reform currency system, but timing couldn?t be worse

The Havana money changer has his regulars: Cubans who want to travel abroad. American visitors. And, increasingly, Cubans who want to buy U.S. greenbacks and hold on to them. ?The … Click to Continue »

Boat stolen in the Florida Keys turns up in Cuba

A 40-foot catamaran stolen from the Lower Keys last week turned up in Cuba over the weekend. Hector Cisneros? boat, Kaisosi, was found in part by a network of sailors … Click to Continue »

Travel to Cuba is getting popular again ? just in time for a slew of new Havana flights

More flights to Cuba are on the horizon. On Friday, the U.S. Department of Transportation tentatively awarded a slew of U.S.-Havana routes to five major airlines from several cities in … Click to Continue »

Radio and TV Martí sneaked in same forbidden technology that landed Alan Gross in Cuban jail

With the Cuban government?s persistent jamming of their broadcasts, Radio and TV Martí have used alternative means to deliver content to the island ?? including sneaking in the same technology … Click to Continue »

Director of Radio and TV Martí resigns amid internal crisis ? Regalado applies for the job

In an emotional gathering with staff earlier this week, a teary-eyed Andre Mendes told employees that his last day as head of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB), which runs … Click to Continue »

She was born in Miami. Her mother died. Now the father wants to take his newborn to Cuba.

The body of Yarisleidy Cuba Rodríguez was in a Miami funeral home for nearly 20 days before her husband, who lives in Cuba, decided to cremate her remains. Cuba Rodríguez … Click to Continue »

A non-Castro may soon become Cuba's president. He's endorsed by less than one percent of its voters

Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel won a seat in parliament in elections held on the island earlier this month, moving him closer to succeeding Raúl Castro if he retires as … Click to Continue »

Filmmakers don?t mince words in this Cuban movie showcase

Independent Cuban movies are fighting to win recognition. At a time when most of the artists on the island have been seduced by the market and many writers maintain a … Click to Continue »

Russian spy ship is docked in Havana harbor

The Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov, which the Pentagon has been monitoring because it has sailed uncomfortably close to U.S. waters on several occasions, docked at the port of Havana … Click to Continue »

His wife died giving birth in Miami. He?s in Cuba and wants the baby back

Yoelvis Gattorno never expected the bad news he received in Cuba after his daughter Valeria was born in Miami. His wife, Yarisleidy Cuba Rodríguez, died during childbirth March 2 at … Click to Continue »

Digicel ends Cuba roaming service for U.S. customers

Digicel, which provides wireless networks throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the South Pacific, is dropping its Cuba roaming service for U.S. customers on April 9. The Jamaica-based company was … Click to Continue »